"In learning to sail you do not change the current of the
water nor do you have any effect on the wind, but you
learn to hoist your sail and turn it this way and that to
utilize the greater forces which surround you."

June Singer, Jungian Analyst

Individual Counseling

When you want to get to the heart of ongoing patterns and processes, individual counseling can foster gentle yet dramatic change in many aspects of your life.

I work with you through careful listening and attention, helping you identify and integrate any blind spots that have become problematic. I also help you experience again the strengths, resiliency, and inner resources with which you may have lost touch. Trained in the practices of Depth Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Interpersonal Neurobiology, and Psychodrama, I also draw on my well honed senses as a musician when tuning in with you to your deeper self and needs.

"I've thought a lot about the work we did together and who I was when we first met versus who I am now. My goodness. Thank you for helping to open up my world and change my life."      — Individual Client

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