"You do not have to be good, you only have to let the
soft animal of your body love what it loves...Whoever
you are, no matter how lonely, the world offers itself to
your imagination. "

Mary Oliver, American poet


Multnomah County Crisis Line

The Mental Health Call Center is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by a highly-educated, well-trained staff.

Suicide Prevention Site for Young Adults

A friendly site where young people can go to find online resources and share their feelings anonymously.

You Matter

Online support, resources, and blog

Early Assessment and Support Alliance

Provides information and support to young people who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time. Most people don't realize just how common and treatable psychosis is!

American Mental Health Alliance

Multidisciplinary alliance of mental health and wellness professionals joined together for client advocacy and professional community.


An integrated approach to children's well-being, Yoga Calm addresses the needs of the whole child through yoga.

Paula Prober, MS, M.Ed.

Specializes in issues of giftedness. Site has a wealth of information about the unique challenges gifted individuals face.

Synergy Drum Circles

This exciting drumming and singing program led by master drummer Okaidja Afroso of Ghana, promotes team cohesion and togetherness, strengthening relations among people.

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